The Diverse Water Sports: Which Is Your Ideal Choice?

Water sports are one of the most adventurous, action-packed and fun-filled activities. Also, they are known to boost your health while enhancing your mental functioning. While some people prefer the cool, deep blue waters, others prefer the raging and roiling currents. The diversity of options available in water sports makes it a great sporting medium.

In general, water sports are categorized into three categories. Here is a look at them:

1. Competitive Water Sports

These sports can be team or individual-based. Some of the common competitive water sports include Olympics and World Championships.

Team-Based Water Sports

Here, there will be a group of people, who unite and synchronize their energy, balance, and movements to boost their effort and win the competition. They include the following sports:

• Water Polo

This is an energetic sport that entails a complete body workout. The players are expected to swim and defend the ball while attempting to score against their opponents. It is like handball played in water.

• Rafting

This is another action-packed water sport, where the players between 4 and 12 must maneuver an inflatable raft over vigorous waters. Most people prefer rafting during the rains, which is when the river current is extra vigorous. However, it is a slightly dangerous sports that needs some skills and experience.

• Synchronized Diving

With this water sports, the participants are expected to step off a board and jump into the waters all at once. The participants must also perform some acrobatics while falling into the water.

• Synchronized Swimming

Just like synchronized diving, this sport entails a blend of gymnastics, swimming, and dance. Basically, the participants in one team will perform synchronized moves in the water as music is played in the background. Here, aerobic endurance, perfect timing, good breath control underwater, and strength are the most needed aspects. World Championships and Olympics do not allow male swimmers to participate in the sport.

• Kayaking

In this water sport, a small boat {kayak}, will be used to move across lakes, seas, or whitewater rivers. It can be done for competition, adventure, expedition, as well as touring. The sport can be dangerous; so it needs some experience.

• Canoeing

This is performed in a small pointed boat on both ends {canoe}. It can be done by an individual or a team.

Other team-based water sports include powerboating {where the athletes race in powerboats}, yachting {the participants sail in a yacht to cover the needed distance on water}, rowing, and sailing.

2. Individual Water Sports

Individual water sports include an individual performer that attempts to show their best abilities on or in the waters. You must be physically strong, along with determination, passion for success, positive attitude, as well as perseverance. They include the following;

• Swimming

This is supposedly the most popular water sports, and it is all about showing your water prowess and attempt to reach the finish line before other athletes. It is very much included in World Championships and Olympics.

• Surfing

This sport entails riding a surfboard in front of a wave as it pushes you towards the shore. It needs expertise and experience. Generally, balancing is the most important aspect to apply.

• Windsurfing

Here, you will be sailing on the waters as the wind pushes you to the direction you control your surfboard.

• Jet skiing

With jet skiing, you will be racing over water on a watercraft machine. To earn more points in a competition, jumping and flipping are the stunts you should apply.

Other individual water sports include wakeboarding {surfing while being towed by a high-speed boat}, water skiing, Triathlon {combining swimming, cycling, and running in one competition}, kitesurfing {surfing with a wakeboard or surfboard that’s pulled by a kite}, skim boarding {surfing from the shores towards the deep waters} body boarding {surfing a bodyboard as the waves push you towards the shore}, cliff diving, as well as fishing.

3. Recreational Water Sports

These are typically sports activities that are performed on or in the water solely for recreational purposes. They are fun-filled and most common for tourist attractions. They include the following;

• Snorkeling

This involves swimming on or through the water with a diving mask, fins, as well as a hollow tube {snorkel}. The snorkel is designed to help you breathe easily underwater.

• Water aerobics

Here, the athletes will perform aerobics in shallow waters, and it can also be performed by seniors. It helps to reduce the chances of muscle or joint injury.

• Parasailing

This is a form of water sports that involve a parachute that is designed to be towed behind a boat. While you cruise the boat, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the waters.

Other recreational water sports include spearfishing, barefoot skiing, freediving {diving in the water without the need of equipment}, underwater photography, and scuba diving {diving with a regulator, mouthpiece, air hose, air tank, back plate, and a harness}.

Athletes should keep in mind that water sports can be dangerous, even if they are relaxing and fun-filled. For that, proper training and experience are paramount.

Kayaking made it Easier for the Beginners

Want to rush up the adrenaline by letting yourself have the most of the fun in the water? Then Kayaking is the right sport for you and the right way to experience thrill, while staying just close to the nature. Kayaks can either choose from different styles depending upon where they wish to do the sport. Meaning Kayaks can play the sport in the waterfall, calm waterfronts, rivers or even the colossal sea. This clearly states that Kayaking is a sport of choice as the kayak is free to select the water body. But before you decide to go Kayaking, especially for the beginners, make sure you keep few necessities and have handy tips.

If you are a beginner and have paddled a light boat before, they kayaking isn’t tough for you. But if you have zero experience of paddling, then get some basics done before you actually go kayaking. That will make you more confident about moving the boat and not wander around in the same place endlessly! And yes, never try attempting to kayak alone as you never know what kind of unpredictable circumstances you end up with. Beginners are advised to kayak in large groups as you won’t be able to help yourself if you plan to do it alone.

Though Kayaking is considered safe for all the age groups, one can choose the preferred style of kayaking according to water body. The most common and easiest type of Kayaking practiced all over the world is the Recreational Kayaking. Here the Kayaks paddle through calm waters like rivers or lakes and is perfect for the beginners. Touring Kayaking or Sea Kayaking is for someone who is comfortable using the kayak or the paddle for a longer time. Kayaks who have less or no fear about sea should go for Sea Kayaking. The rapid or fast water Kayaking, also called as Whitewater Kayaking is for advanced level Kayaks. It is performed in the creeks or waters where the water is flowing wildly and the kind of boat here is different from other types of Kayaking.

Choosing a right boat as a beginner for Kayaking is utmost important like the one used in the flat-water. It should be sit-on-the-top kind of a boats where the beginner Kayak can freely sit and paddle the water. They provide more stability, along most of the types of water like a river or even in the sea. Next comes the safety, the most crucial aspect for Kayaks at both beginner and advanced level. Yes, even if one is assured about the Kayaking skills, Buoyancy aid shouldn’t be missed or neglected at any cost. Buoyancy aid provides the right kind of safety and is worn like a life jacket by the Kayaks. The aid allows enough room for the arms as well as to the neck, so that the Kayak can freely move the paddle. Mostly coming in bright colours, the buoyancy aid can be spotted from even far in case of an accident. Wearing a helmet is the next safety measure to avoid any kind of head injury to the Kayak.

You can also get readymade Kayaking gears online or sport shops, especially if you are a beginner and not sure about where to buy. The gear usually has most of the waterproof essentials like gloves, wetsuit, helmet, jacket, suitable even for slightly or extreme cold waters. Also, carrying a spare of clothes is a requirement as you might get wet at some point. Kayaks most of the time take this tip lightly and then regret later when they end up being wet.

Then comes the Holding part wherein a paddle must be held at the right angle and shoulder width apart. Also, make sure you paddle with the right force as a beginner Kayak might go overboard doing it. Sitting firmly without adding pressure to either of the sides will make kayaking a fun and easier task altogether.

Some research on techniques, weather conditions and group learning Kayaking classes for the first-time Kayaks will be valuable. Remember to enjoy the whole process of learning, practising the movements and enjoying the beautiful surroundings simultaneously is totally worth it!

Astonishing Boating Trip Ideas for Kids to Explore this Holiday Season

Won’t you love to take your kids along on a long vacation? Of course, you would love to. A family vacation with kids does bring joy in two-fold. Planning a luxurious and comforting vacation along with your little ones is an extremely adorable though.

A pleasant vacation with kids does need a lot of thought to be put into when planned. A resort that would have families visiting frequently must not only have spa facilities for adults’ relaxation, but also recreational activities for the kids. The family vacations are so memorable for kids if it is boating. Now plan your exciting trip with creative boating ideas. Going for a boat trip will definitely increase the potential for your kids. Make your kids explore the trip with astonishing ideas like going fishing and water sports, to just driving around the lake and relaxing.

Plan a Picnic at the beach:

Having a picnic with a cool ocean breeze and the sound of waves will make your kids an amazing forgettable experience. Picnics at beach are not only the exciting outings but also a great place to do social events too. Find a perfect spot where your children can play and also enables you to see the ocean but is far enough so the waves or rising tide do not interfere with your picnic. If you find that the beach is busy, it is better to find a scheduled spot to make your kids happier. Try venturing up and down the beach to locate more safety places

Go Fishing:

In a time where technology rules, a great way to get the whole family outside is to take your kids fishing. Fishing with kids takes them away from the television and teaches them to appreciate the great outdoors. While catching fish may be the intended task at hand, fishing is a fun experience even when nothing is biting. It is also the perfect spot for the kids who love the great outdoors. It is one of those special activities where there is a lot of opportunity to bond with loved ones. It is very important to make the fishing trip enjoyable for kids. Just do your best to make it a fun and positive experience and they’ll want to go again and again.

Adventurous Boat ride:

Most children will love being out on a boat ride for a day. You can even have them perform some minor tasks. This will make them feel like they are important and it will make an ordinary trip into an adventure for them. It is better to consider a cuddly cabin, when you are boating along with the kids. It offers a comfortable zone for kids if they want to take a nap or get out of the sun for few minutes.

Try to visit the kid-friendly marina:

Spending a few hours, days or even weeks at marinas with kids can lead to a lot of fun, and a whole host of different and exciting experiences, there comes a time when you need to spend a few hours or days on dry land. Choose the perfect marinas along with the restaurants and facilities the keeps your kid more joyous. Nothing is better than chartering a boat and heading out to sea, surrounded by your kids. When you choose sailing over cruising, you’re guaranteed a holiday that you control and an experience that your child will never forget.

Plan for a treasure hunt in the boat:

One of the favorite activities for kids of all ages is a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. In this game, the kids, either in one group or several groups competing against each other, follow a trail of clues (riddles and puzzles) each pointing to the hiding location of the next clue until finally arriving at the treasure. This game is so great because it has more than one thrill element: the kids both need to solve riddles and puzzles and to seek the hiding locations of the next clues, and finally the treasure.

Plan for the mega raft up while your boating trip:

River rafting trips provide a spontaneous and adventurous one for your kids. Drifting with the flow, and with nature as the only guide, the river trips provide an unforgettable experience. Planning beforehand and observing a few vital tips, your river trip with kids can be turned into a very memorable occasion that will last a lifetime. It is better to opt for a short and less adventurous trip if small kids and first-time rafters are with you.